About NEVA

NEVA houses a community of young and ambitious dance talents who actively pursue their ideas and dreams. People with a great drive to develop themselves and the people around them on a personal and professional level. For them, NEVA is their safe home base where they find inspiration and sparring partners and are encouraged to realize their ambitions.

For now NEVA’s focus will be on building the Foundation, which means we will not be proceeding as a dance company ourselves. We will however keep supporting our Artistic Director Nina van der Zouwen and other upcoming choreographers in their process of creating new productions, so if you’re looking for live performances for your event or festival, don’t hesitate to contact us at hello@thisisneva.com.

We would love to connect you to one of our in-house companies, choreographers or dancers.

NEVA wouldn’t be NEVA, without it’s incredible team of hardworking individuals. Combined with the support of many wonderful volunteers, artists and partners NEVA has been able to develop itself into a breeding ground for young visions and we are proud to be a home to the many creative beings that call Utrecht their own.

The foundation is run by an independent board of directors:
Honey Eavis – President
Robert Kouijzer – Treasurer