The company

With her start as a dance company, NEVA took on many forms in her early years. From theatre and video productions to location based performances, the search for authentic movement ran like a thread through all our activities, with diversity and inclusivity at its base. Carried by a team of professional dancers with their roots in all corners of dance, our goal was to emphasize authenticity and explore the beauty of movement.

Under the artistic direction of Nina van der Zouwen, the company has produced multiple productions which found their stage throughout Holland.

Damage Done



Tongues of Denial

For now NEVA’s focus will be on building the Foundation, which means we will not be proceeding as a dance company ourselves. We will however keep supporting our Artistic Director Nina van der Zouwen and other upcoming choreographers in their process of creating new productions, so if you’re looking for live performances for your event or festival, don’t hesitate to contact us at We would love to connect you to one of our in-house companies, choreographers or dancers.