Support Us

The NEVA Foundation’s aim is supporting dancers in and around Utrecht. In our studio ‘MONAD’ we house a community of young and ambitious dance talents who actively pursue their ideas and dreams. Artists with a great drive to develop themselves and the people around them on a personal and professional level.

For them, the studio is a safe home base where they find inspiration and sparring partners and are encouraged to realise their ambitions. In addition to the fact that our dancers can always use the space, NEVA also offers work trajectories and coaching there and organises community events.

From performance festivals where we give them a chance to showcase their work, to shared dinners and open training sessions in our studio, these events are intended to build the community and provide opportunities for young and developing talent.

As we all know, the past year hasn’t been easy for anyone, and especially the creative industry has taken a blow. For us it hasn’t been any different, our events were cancelled and classes have been put on hold.

Where we normally support our dancers with work opportunities, coaching and studio time, we have come to a point where we might not be able to hold on to our studio much longer, which is the home base to all our activities and community members. No matter how badly we want to help others, unfortunately, now we are the ones in need of some support.

Having worked with little to no funding these last few years, we’ve managed to become very creative with very little; even the smallest gesture can make the biggest difference!

That’s why we have listed a few ways to show how you can support NEVA and our artists, so we can keep on doing the work and provide the community with this much needed home base.