NEVA supports and sustains local artists in their journey of self-discovery and authenticity within their personal work. What unites them under NEVA is their common mindset: exploring collective driven ideas to improve their shared field of work, contributing to the cultural infrastructure and taking part in cultural integrity. Co-creation leads to unity and therefore to be a part is to give a part.

As part of this support, NEVA has organised ‘Urban Tales Festival’. An event where young artists are invited to showcase their work, while we assign them unorthodox, public surroundings, such as stairwells,, hostel rooms or hallways and let them run free. This way we challenge them to move past the boundaries of regular dance theatre and style, while letting the audience experience their art on the most intimate level.

Next to that we’ve realised and experienced that spaces to meet up, train and grow together, just as professional and affordable training, are very limited in our community. For that reason we realised our own studio space in Utrecht, where we are hosting jam sessions, classes and community dinners. Feel welcome to join us during one of these events, just check our calendar to see what’s coming up.