Tongues Of Denial


A lonely spinster or just a lover without a lover?
A self-imposed loner or a hermit?

In a lobby there are many individuals to be found, a reflection of society, if you will.
While the presence of the one effects the other, being together might just be very lonely. After all, appearances are deceptive.

Through dance, six of these individuals will take you with them during their process of self-discovery, as they stand face to face with themselves, society and the corresponding expectations.



April 7, 2017
LMZ Veterans Care

Militairy Complex
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

March 16, 2018
Female Firefighter Convention

Fire Station Assen
Assen, The Netherlands

October 13, 2017
Festival Samen De Basis

Stichting De Basis
Doorn, The Netherlands

September 3, 2017
Culturele Zondag

Utrecht, The Netherlands

June 30, 2017
Dance Fridays

Vondelpark Openluchttheater
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

June 2, 2017
De Urban Dansweek

Het Huis
Utrecht, The Netherlands

March 11, 2017
Watdajel Festival

Utrecht, The Netherlands

March 3-5, 2017
Café Theater Festival

StayOkay Neude
Utrecht, The Netherlands


RECAP: Festival Samen De Basis

- CAST -


– Choreographer & Dancer –

After a few years of pre-educations at, amongst others, Codarts, Fontys and AHK, she decided to start her dance education at the Contemporary Urban department at Fontys, but unfortunately life got in the way. A long revalidation process later she choose a slightly different path and restarted dancing at the Urban Dance academy in Utrecht.

Now nearly graduating, she realised she was lucky enough to gain experience in both urban and contemporary dance scenes and loved nothing more than combining them. So she gathered mind-liked people around her and NEVA emerged!

“For me, NEVA is all about emerging and identity in movement, the reason I hope we can create a platform were we rise to movement with no boundaries.”
– Nina


– Assistant Choreographer & Dancer –

After graduating from the Urban Dance Academy in Utrecht, she submerged into all kinds of projects to grow and expand her experience. Now she is focusing on combining movement and forms with different types of energy and intentions to feel and accept contrasts as one within her body. Also she is moved by playing and searching for her inner child to tell stories through its existence, since moving is like a playground where she can reconnect with the moment and explore her pure state of being.

“NEVA makes me aware of my full potential and challenges me to consider nothing as a barrier. It creates bridges between opposites into a beautiful unicity and is open to all forms of expression.”
– Melina


– Dancer –

Timothy is a professional dancer with his main specialisation in urban street styles. Born and raised in Rotterdam he started out as an aspiring artist playing guitar and practicing numerous martial arts. At the age of 18 he fell in love with dance and became dedicated to the art form like never before.

With Hip hop as his main style, he pushed himself to a whole new level of dedication and training. After 6 years of training he turned himself into one of the fastest growing dancers amongst his peers, winning and making appearances on numerous battles and performances within Holland. After graduating the Urban Dance Academy in Utrecht he set out into the world making himself internationally known in Europe, Asia and South America.

Currently focussing more on theater work and contemporary movement he joined NEVA and gives his own flavour about what urban theater could be.

“For me NEVA is a promise to the world that all dance is art. It does not matter where you come from or what you have learned, it is art”
– Timothy


– Dancer –

Nasser started dancing when he was 6 years old. His inspiration at the time was the movie Breakin’ which handles the story of dancers of the street working their ass off to receive recognition in the big dance scene. It got him dancing and ever since he has never stopped, aiming to grow and further improve his dancing to the highest possible skill. Therefore the last few years he has been training in Paris with among others Meech and Icee (both former winners of Just Debout and Summerdance Forever). It is this love for hiphop dance he wishes to share. His classes are focused on personal development and helping dancers better their abilities while feeling comfortable in their own dancing. The class is put to music he finds most supporting in hiphop dancing: r&b, soul and of course hip-hop. It makes dancers feel the movement and sense a real vibes while dancing.

“NEVA will show you a way to open your mind and soul into art of expression.”
– Nasser


– Dancer –

Isaiah started dancing when he was 10, being a breaker at the time. After this more urban dance styles followed, where he learned all the basics (locking, popping, new style).
It was just for fun, until he was 13 and realised he wanted to take this gift he has further. So he took ballet and jazz classes, trained himself to become a professional and knew he wanted to this this for the rest of his life. 2 years later Isaiah discovered contemporary dance and it allowed him to mix all of my knowledge into his own expressive language. Now at the age of 19 Isaiah is studying Modern dance at Codarts.

“NEVA allows me to be myself and get at ease with my busy mind by putting it into art and performing. ”
– Isaiah


– Dancer –

Justin is currently studying Contemporary/Urban at the Fontys Dance Academy. He started as a breaker, but shortly after fell in love with contemporary dance. He is always exploring new things and trying to find new ways of moving. He doesn’t want to put his way of moving in a box, but likes to see himself as a free mover. It’s just dance.

He is the founder of Exchange The Movement, a platform where he wants to create opportunities for free spirit dancers to connect and share their love through movement. He believes that dance is one of the purest ways of expressing your energy and the only borders are the ones you create for yourself.

‘’NEVA gives an opportunity for all kinds of dancers to connect and create art together. That way we don’t have to label it Urban or Contemporary theatre, but just theatre expressed by the art of dance.’’
– Justin