Do we let go? That, what we have been holding on to for so long?
The safe delusion we carry around but which does not carry us?
Which, without us, does not exist?

Away from one’s own familiar habits, towards ending up in someone else’s  comfort zone.
The build-up to something new, like the roller coaster cart that is being hoisted up.
Until the nanosecond before the free fall..


NEVA presents (3)
NEVA presents (6)


June 1, 3, 8 & 10, 2018

Delft Fringe Festival
Delft, The Netherlands

May 6, 2018

Kijken, Kijken, Kopen
Alkmaar, The Netherlands

March 1-4, 2018

Café Theater Festival
Café ’t Hoogt, Utrecht, The Netherlands

February 21, 2018

Try-out performance
Café ’t Hoogt, Utrecht, The Netherlands

TIBA – Recap Delft Fringe Festival

- CAST -


– Choreographer –

After training contemporary dance since the age of 12, she found her way to the Urban Dance Academy in Utrecht. In her last year she realised her strengths lay in uniting people, their qualities and dance styles.

So she went to Buenos Aires, Argetina for a two month long internship, walking along with like-minded choreographers, to explore her own capabilities and inspirations as a young maker. Back in The Netherlands she started creating performances where identities merged and found an environment in which NEVA emerged.


“I want NEVA to be a home, for all artistic beings that feel like exploring, sharing and growing together. A place where barriers do not exist and styles and genres emerge.”

– Nina


– Assistant-Choreographer & Dancer –

“If you know my work, you know bits of who I am.”

Melina started exploring her capabilities as an artistic being after graduating from the Urban Dance Academy in Utrecht. Her compulsion to create brings her closer to her nature and makes her understand more pieces of self.

She often tells stories to shine light on all that is dark, this way she is able to open up and connect.


“To me NEVA is a home base where I can expand my voice in all different kind of areas. It is never too soft and never too loud, it just moves freely.”

– Melina


– Dancer –

Anna had been doing athletics for 14 years, before she decided to find her career path in dance. She graduated from Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts, Contemporary Urban, where she developed her own way of moving. Anna finds herself in movement which is flotatious and focussed on minimalistic gestures, where embodiment of music is key.

She found her focus shifting more and more towards theatre performances and developing and researching different styles of dance, this being what led her to NEVA. Being on stage is her way of showing people what a human being can be, as any artist by choice.


“NEVA makes you be you for who you are as a dancer and performer. Pureness, creativity and honesty.”

– Anna


– Dancer –

Rianne graduated at Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts, Contemporary Urban.
After graduating Rianne did several projects and assignments ranging from performances for children, to theatre and location performances. She wanted to experience different types of dance theatre and gain experience as a professional dancer.

Right now she finds herself interested in location theatre; performances where she can explore the relations and interaction with the audience, which led her to NEVA.

Rianne aspires to work with artists who can challenge her to keep on growing and are able to push her to discover new ways of moving.


“To me NEVA is a place where multiple styles and types of dancers come together and share their knowledge, skills and way of being. Creating and connecting with each other but also with the audience.”

– Rianne


– Dancer, Internship –

Nena started dancing when she was eight years old. She found her way to the Art & Entertainment College in Amsterdam, where she graduated in 2014. Currently she is studying Contemporary Urban at the Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts, spending her last year as an intern at NEVA.

Nena is a powerful, all-round dancer with an open mind. She is developing a personal style which mixes contemporary with urban influences combined with her hyper mobility.

While gaining experience as a professional dancer, she is growing fond on dance theatre performances. Next to those, she is also discovering her possibilities in the commercial dance scene.


“For me NEVA is a place where you have the possibility to explore your own way of moving and learn from and share with others, but mostly a place where you can truly be yourself.”

– Nena


– Dancer –

After graduating from the Urban Dance Academy in Utrecht, Djordy found his way as a professional dancer, as well as a dance teacher in urban dance styles.

Through several international projects he came in touch with contemporary dance, which he is trying to submerge within his own way of moving ever since. He is focussing on developing himself as a dancer, trying to explore his own potential, while exploring new ways of moving.


“NEVA gives you the opportunity to develop yourself whichever way you want. It helps you find new ways of moving, putting no barriers betweens styles.”

– Djordy