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Secrets Project

- Dancer

About Project:

Direzione Artistica: Daniele Franci
Actors/Dancers: Students of Etoile International & D’Arzo
Location: Teatro Franco Tagliavini Novellara

SECRETS PROJECT was an international collaboration between D’Arzo (Montecchio, Italy) Etoile International (Utrecht, Holland) and Etoile Centro Teatrale Europeo.


‘The Alphabet of Emotions’
Teatro Lab 2016 will talk about emotions. Emotions experienced through pleasure to excite, excited, as a desire to defeat this fear that we have to experience real emotions, real emotions. Theatre Lab in 2016 returns to Novellara, for years now the nerve center of the event. Theatre Lab 2016, which this year enjoys the new collaboration with the Ministry of Education, University and Research, from this edition expands its territory of action and involvement to the municipalities of Guastalla and Correggio.
Theatre Lab in 2016 will compose “The Alphabet of Emotions”. Subject of the 6th edition of the Festival, a theme, a topic, which as always has taken account of the territory, shared identity with the authorities and, even more, he wanted to take into account the indications of the local schools that for years following the event by participating actively with hundreds of boys and girls.
Theatre Lab in 2016 has collected the suggestions of the Comprehensive Novellara and behold, this year in the example of the Festival programming some new elements appear as,, dialogue between management and students interested in the end of the shows to contextualize even more performance views, or avant-depth program, with indications given by the schools in the program, to provide even more elements to the teachers who accompany the students to the theater and giving them more interpretations of the works, many of which, as usual , early works.
Theatre Lab in 2016 this year will raise the curtain on Feb. 27 with the international premiere “Emotion Project” and then to April 16 with performances of selected schools and a second international project that will close the festival on April 17 with the performance “Secret Project “. Theatre Lab 2016 will talk about emotions with students of the high school education of the FITA and with a fantastic writer as Dacia Maraini.
Theatre Lab 2016 is learning a new language, the language of photography and, on the occasion of the Festival, will be an exhibition of the “Performing Arts Photography Course students photographs” that during the year, followed the season of theater Tagliavini Novellara.
Theater lab in 2016 feels more and more European involvement this year more than 60 young people from other European countries, not only at international performance, but also throughout the exhibition period with an international staff arriving from the Netherlands and Portugal.
Will as always young people the protagonists of the event, their emotions, their desire to “be Festival” but also the smiles and the eyes of the citizens and of all those who want to be part of Theatre Lab in 2016.
I invite everyone, absolutely everyone, because I think it will be a beautiful Lab in 2016.

-Daniele Franci




|Photography: Daniele Cooper Massari|